Dear Friend,

If you’re diabetic, pre-diabetic or suffering each day with unhealthy blood sugar….

This is going to be the most important letter you’ll ever read!
Cary Byrd, Senior Research Director at NSIDE Health

My name is Cary Byrd, Senior Research Director for NSIDE Health, the world’s leading health publication and resource.
Keep reading if you’re close to giving up all hope of ever finding a cure for your diabetes and unhealthy blood sugar.

Or, if you’re sick and tired of living with constant blood spikes and crashing lows, and feel like you’re on a never-ending roller coaster.

I’m here with some exciting, life-changing news!  

I’m going to share how people just like you are finally obtaining permanent relief from high blood sugar and keeping it out of the danger zone.

And I’m not talking about just a few hours of relief, and then you’re back to those wild blood sugar fluctuations. 

From now on, you can reverse your diabetes or pre-diabetic condition, and obtain “blood sugar security” for a lifetime.

Think it sounds too good to be true?

Think again!  

I promise I’ll share all the exciting details in a moment, but first….

If You Have High Blood Sugar, You May Be Experiencing Debilitating Symptoms At This Very Moment.
If you struggle each day to control your blood sugar, take comfort in the fact that you’re far from alone!

Today, more than 30 million Americans are living with diabetes, and 1 in 4 don’t even know they have it, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2015.

That’s why it’s being called “the greatest epidemic in human history.”

By the year 2025, it’s predicted that a staggering 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes. 
In healthy people, the hormone insulin is transported to cells to be used as energy.

But if you stop releasing and responding to normal amounts of insulin after eating, you’ll develop dangerous high blood sugar levels, which can lead to full-blown diabetes. 

Your miserable symptoms can include one or more of the following…..
Frequent Energy Crashes During Each Day
Constant Sugar and Carb Cravings
Frequent Thirst
Trouble Concentrating
“Brain Fog”
Vision Problems
Increased Urination
Wild Mood Swings
Feelings of Sadness and Depression
Inability to Lose Weight
And Many More
Struggling to regulate your blood sugar occupies your mind 24/7 and becomes a full-time, exhausting job.  

And here’s possibly the most difficult and lonely part…. 

NOBODY understands the daily hell you’re going through!

Your family and friends may even become annoyed with you for talking about your blood sugar symptoms.
Diabetes is Especially Dangerous Because It Can Develop Into Serious Complications.
I’m going to be brutally honest right now.

You’re literally running out of time to find an effective solution to beat your diabetes. 

More often than not, diabetes eventually leads to dire health consequences, such as…. 
  • ​Stroke
  • ​​Digestive difficulties
  • ​Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • ​Vision problems
  • Nerve damage
  • Skin issues
  • And many more
Even more tragic….  
Traditional Medicine Fails to Provide a Satisfactory Solution.
I’ve worked in the health industry for decades, and personally witnessed the pain of those with diabetes who are unable to enjoy their lives, and function at their highest potential. 

Millions of people are pre-diabetic, and they’re unable to connect the dots between their debilitating physical and mental symptoms, and high blood sugar. 

In fact, they’re often misdiagnosed as having other illnesses.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of safe and effective treatments available to diabetics, and others with unhealthy blood sugar.

Until now, you had no other options than prescription medications to try and control your blood sugar, and they come with the risk of harmful side effects.

Here’s the Big Problem With Most Doctors….
You see, doctors prescribe medications that temporarily relieve the symptoms of unhealthy blood sugar, without healing the underlying cause.
So, when your doctor advises you to take insulin and other drugs, you’re only getting some relief for a short time, if even that.
That’s why no prescription drug or insulin injection has ever prevented, stopped or reversed diabetes, yet tragically, they’re the only ways most doctors treat diabetes.  

And they come with the high risk of many dangerous side effects.

I KNEW there must be a better way!
So, here’s what I did…..
I Put On My Detective Hat, and Spent Thousands of Hours Researching the Latest Clinical Studies on Blood Sugar
Both myself and our team here at NSIDE Health dug up the research, examined countless studies, and identified the most destructive hidden sources of diabetes.

We also interviewed top scientists and medical professionals throughout the country.

Needless to say, what we discovered truly shocked me. 
It turned everything that I’d been led to believe about blood sugar on its head!  

We discovered countless little known risk factors that secretly cause blood sugar levels in millions of Americans to skyrocket out of control.

And they often have nothing to do with age, diet, exercise or bad genes. 

They’re not causes you’d ever expect. But they’re just as dangerous. Maybe even more so. 

Because they work quietly behind the scenes while you go about your day, driving up your blood sugar levels. 

One of the biggest takeaways is learning that we’ve all been brainwashed by doctors, the media and Big Pharma.

You actually have total control over your blood sugar levels, even if you’ve been living with diabetes for years. 

It’s just a matter of learning a few simple, time-tested strategies to normalize blood sugar, and they’re all in my groundbreaking book, “Secrets to Healing Diabetes.”
You Can Finally Achieve Normal Blood Sugar Levels And Lasting Relief
(with NO risk of nasty side effects)
If you have diabetes, or your doctor said you’re already high-risk, you’ll want to learn about these secrets as soon as possible.

Otherwise, your health will only continue to decline.

And since they’ll heal the root cause of your unstable blood sugar, you’ll finally obtain permanent relief…. even if you’ve been living with diabetes for decades.

The best part? These strategies are all natural, safe, and highly effective ways to stabilize your blood sugar with absolutely no risk of dangerous side effects.
How Much is Healthy Blood Sugar Worth To You?
For most people, it’s literally priceless. 

… Imagine being able to stabilize your blood sugar, get off harmful medications, and dramatically improve your physical, emotional and mental health.  

… Imagine no longer worrying if your insurance will pay for your sky high medical bills and treatments.

… Imagine no longer feeling feel sluggish and exhausted after every meal.

… Imagine no longer feeling guilty every time you take a bite of food.

… Imagine no longer worrying that eating sweets will spike your blood sugar.

…. Imagine no longer choking down another pill, suffer through another injection, or fear a life-changing amputation… 

So, how much is a program that contains proven, time-tested secrets for controlling diabetes worth to you? 

Hundreds of dollars? Thousands?

Hold on to your hat….

For a limited-time only, you’ll receive the best-selling book 
Diabetes Healing Secrets” for… wait for it….

(and not one penny more)
No, you’re not dreaming.

The regular price for the “Diabetes Healing Secrets” is $38.95… but I’ve decided to give it away for 100% FREE until supplies run out.
My Friends and Family Are Worried I’m Losing My Mind!
I’m constantly asking why I’m giving these revolutionary secrets for preventing and healing diabetes for nothing. 

I admit, it is a little crazy!

Especially since I’ve been told by publishing insiders that if I put all these secrets into a book, it would become a best-seller and potentially earn me millions of dollars.

But here’s the thing…

I didn’t get into the health business for fame and fortune.

Helping millions of people throughout the world overcome diabetes is reward enough for me. 

That’s why my mission is to get “Diabetes Healing Secrets” into the hands of every person who needs it.

So, for an extremely limited-time, I’m offering “Diabetes Healing Secrets” for 100% FREE!

What’s the catch? There is none!

But you’ll need to act fast….

Copies of “Diabetes Healing Secrets” are literally flying out of our warehouse, and once they’re all gone, this breakthrough book will return to its regular price of $38.95.

Why Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Discover These Breakthrough Secrets 
Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat this.

And this may be uncomfortable for you hear, but it’s the truth.

Big Pharma does not want you to learn these secrets and get well, and I’ll tell you why….

They earn billions each year off medications for diabetes and blood sugar.

So if millions of people learned my groundbreaking diabetic secrets, they’d no longer need medications, which would cause Big Pharma huge financial losses!

That’s why they’re in such a panic over “Diabetes Healing Secrets”! 

They’ll literally do anything to prevent the public from learning these all-natural strategies for healing blood sugar and reversing diabetes.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hire a team of lawyers to issue a take-down order for “Diabetes Healing Secrets” to stop this vital health information from getting out.

Frankly, I won’t have the big bucks necessary to fight them.

So, don’t delay!

Grab your FREE copy of “Diabetes Healing Secrets” TODAY in the event I’m forced to take it off the web. 

You have nothing to lose as it’s 100% FREE and everything to gain…. healthy blood sugar for a lifetime.

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Cost to You: $0   
Here’s a Sneak Peek at Some of the Hidden Causes of High Blood Sugar You’ll Discover in “Diabetes Healing Secrets”:
  • ​The “health” food loaded with a dangerous neurotoxin. It’s one you probably consume every week. Yet research links high exposure to a substance in this popular food during young adulthood to an increased risk of diabetes later in life.
  • ​​The popular beverage millions of adults drink every day. It’s already linked to obesity. Yet, newer research shows even healthy, active individuals drinking just one serving per day suffer serious negative health effects. 
  • ​The medical “treatment” that makes you even sicker than you already are. One expert reported that nearly half the patients he treated for insulin-resistance had used this therapy. Yet, its continued use can lead to permanent diabetes.
  • The truth behind popular American Heart Association food endorsement. We reveal how to know whether foods are truly safe to eat…or loaded with dangerous chemicals known to cause diabetes.
  • ​Three “shopping cart” tricks that help stop skyrocketing blood sugar. These work at any grocery store… down any produce aisle… along any canned food shelf… or inside any freezer case. They’re so simple you can start immediately to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. 
  • How to know which produce are safest to eat…even before you get to the grocery store. This has nothing to do with being organic either. Plus, I’ll show you a neat trick to drastically reduce the effects one particularly harmful chemical has on your blood sugar.
  • The weekly ritual that lowers your diabetes risk by over a third! In fact, one study showed it worked equally well for participants regardless of body type, what you eat, or whether you smoke or not. Hint: it has nothing to do with exercise or physical activity!
  • The exact foods and the portions to eat them that have been shown to completely eliminate neuropathy pain in 81% of patients during a study at Loma Linda University in California.
  • ​Why milk may actually be causing osteoporosis and other terrible health consequences. And learn the shocking truth about todays factory produced milk that has traces of up to 80 different antibiotics. We also show you the top healthy alternatives.
  • ​Learn the secret thousands have used to normalize blood pressure. People with high blood pressure were able to lower it by over 38% without using drugs or pills!
  • ​Discover the simple method to test your body’s PH level and how you can easily keep it within safe levels. Knowing how keeping your body’s PH level normalized is your key to preventing most diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, hormone imbalance, immune deficiency, kidney problems, headaches, etc.)
  • ​The truth about a spice that you probably have in your kitchen cabinet. It increases glucose metabolism twenty fold! Thereby lowering blood sugar and helping stop diabetes.
  • ​Find out which vitamins can replace a bad or improper diet, and which vitamins are needed to stay healthy and rid your body of disease. You will learn why “dieting” is not the answer to your health or weight loss problems and may actually be doing you more harm!
  • ​And much more!
Let’s Fast Forward 30 Days Into the Future…..
“Secrets to Healing Diabetes” Will Help You...
  • Say “goodbye” forever to blood sugar spikes after eating: Now, you can finally enjoy your favorite foods and dessert while celebrating with friends and family. No more feeling guilty…and no more stressing out about how you’ll feel later.
  • ​Feel refreshed and energized all day long: No more feeling tired and exhausted, and in desperate need of a nap… especially right after eating. Rather, you’ll rush to meet your workout partner at the gym, or insist on finishing an entire tennis match. 
  • ​​Put your blood sugar worries behind you for good: You’ll finally come home from your doctor with a clean bill of health. No more worrying about caving in to your constant cravings, and stressing over what your next tests are going to show.
  • Enjoy your favorite carbs without paying a blood sugar price. Who says you can’t enjoy your favorite foods when you have diabetes? Not our experts (the best in the world by the way!)
  • ​Reclaim the active, joyful and energetic life you deserve. You’ll finally be able to fulfill your true potential, and experience ultimate health and well-being on multiple levels.
Still on the Fence? Here’s What a Few Former Diabetics Have to Say….
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In Good Health,
Cary Byrd
Senior Research Director
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